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3 responses to “Comments and feedback

  1. Tim
    Good to see you doing this work. The work by Tyack is a great guide and Jane reveres him after going to his lecture series at OUDCE.
    I have a question about the University’s approach to biodiversity and the about-to-be approved Local Plan which your partner may be able to help with. Let me have your email and I can send a fuller message a question.
    Roy Darke


  2. Great job on the site. Look forward to following this over time. For an area rich in architecture and history there should be no shortage of interesting and insightful things to write about.

    Cam S


    • Thanks for your encouraging comment, Cameron. After a short hiatus we’re up and running again and will be adding more of Oxford’s interesting architecture to the site, with additional contributions from Oxford Preservation Trust. Watch this space!


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