Merton College – Warden’s Lodgings remodelling

Modernisation and redesign of the modern Warden’s Lodgings (Acanthus Clews, c.2012)

An unusual example of ‘postmodernisation’, this project by Banbury based architects Acanthus Clews updated the Warden’s Lodgings (Emil Godfrey, 1962) as a contemporary residence, while at the same time adding a neo-traditional façade to this postwar house in Merton Street. The retreat from modernist architecture has taken many forms, but this must be one of the most curious – the full story is recounted by William Whyte.

Reference: William Whyte, in Harwood, Elain, Powers, Alan, & Saumarez-Smith, Charles (eds), Twentieth Century Architecture #11: Oxford and Cambridge, Twentieth Century Society, 2013.

Merton Street, Oxford OX1 4JD

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