Churchill Hospital – Cancer Centre

Churchill Hospital

Centre for the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients (Steffian Bradley, 2009)

churchill hospital cancer centre
Image © Steffian Bradley

While one side of the Churchill Hospital still reveals its origins as a wartime Emergency Medical Service, this large new wing and principal entrance now represents its current status as an advanced centre for the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients. The new building added 10 operating theatres, 7 wards, and a full range of diagnostic and treatment facilities, with an emphasis on providing a healing environment for patients. The light-filled and spacious building has exceptional energy performance and employed a high level of off-site prefabrication. With the semi-industrial aesthetic of contemporary health care, the Churchill houses some of the most advanced technology available, which in itself must be reassuring for patients.

Churchill Hospital, Churchill Drive, Oxford, OX3 7LE

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