Maggie’s Oxford at the Patricia Thompson Building

Churchill Hospital

Cancer care facility (Wilkinson Eyre, 2014)


© Wilkinson Eyre

Maggie’s centres, of which there are now some 15 in the UK, provide practical, emotional, and social support for cancer patients. They are housed in unique buildings designed by leading architects. The Oxford centre sits in a wooded corner of the grounds of Churchill Hospital, with views over fields to the south. Built mainly of timber and glass, the building provides separate areas for information, therapy and relaxation, linked to a central space. With its angular, shack-like forms it is an exquisite version of a tree-house, with a predominance of timber; in plan it looks like it might fly if you threw it like a boomerang. An extraordinary miniature from these masters of structural expression.

Awards: RIBA South Region Award, 2015; OPT Award 2016

Churchill Hospital, Old Rd, Oxford OX3 7LE

Section © Wilkinson Eyre

Perspective section © Wilkinson Eyre


Exploded view © Wilkinson Eyre

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