Harris Manchester College – Siew-Sngiem Clock Tower and Sukum Navapan Gate

Student accommodation, clock tower, and entrance gate (Yiangou Architects 2014).

A contemporary, somewhat eccentric, classical design for a new college entrance and clock tower, incorporating five student rooms. It has high quality masonry and stone carving, including inscriptions. This is the latest of several buildings designed by Yiangou Architects for Harris Manchester, all of which are in a broadly classical style. Notable examples of this style from the postwar period can be seen at The Queen’s College and Lady Margaret Hall (both by Raymond Erith); Dimitri Porphyrios’s Weston Buildings for New College (1999) just predate the period covered here; and see also Robert Adam’s Sachler Library, and John Simpson’s New Era Project buildings, nearing completion at Lady Margaret Hall. While many would consider this style of architecture to be pastiche, it has its strong advocates and appears popular.

Awards: OPT Award 2014

Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TD

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