Old Road Campus

Oxford University

Development of a former NHS site for extensive medical research facilities (masterplan Niall McLaughlin, approved 2013).

Masterplan © Niall McLaughlin
Masterplan © Niall McLaughlin

Oxford University acquired this 9 acre site in 1996 to establish the University Institute of Health Sciences in some existing buildings. A masterplan was commissioned for a major research campus, replacing existing buildings with high quality laboratories and research facilities. The first new building, the Henry Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, was completed in 1999. Subsequently six major new buildings have been completed, the latest in 2018. The purchase of the adjacent Park Hospital site, a further 7 acres, provides a basis for further expansion of the campus.

It is notable – indeed, rather obvious – that Make Architects, in collaboration with Nightingale Associates (now part of IBI Group), have designed the majority of the new research buildings. Their distinctive hyper-modern style appears to celebrate both the astonishingly rapid pace of scientific development in the medical field, and the somewhat disturbing qualities of research that tinkers with the human genetic code.

Completed new buildings:

  • Richard Doll Building (Nicholas Hare, 2005)
  • Old Road Campus Research Building (Make/Nightingale, 2007)
  • Kennedy Institute (Make/Nightingale, 2013)
  • NDM Research Building (Make/Nightingale, 2013)
  • Big Data Institute (Make/Nightingale, 2017 – RIBA South Region Award 2018; OPT Award 2018)
  • Amenities Building, including the Oxford Bio-Escalator (Make, 2018)

Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7DQ

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