Independent Schools

Oxford has a large independent school sector, which continues to invest in high quality new buildings. Some of the best architectural examples have been selected here:

St Edward’s School, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX3 7TD

Jubilee House

Jubilee House © TSH Architects


Martyr's Pavilion (Pawson)

Martyr’s Pavilion © John Pawson



St Clare’s, Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7AL

  • Pamela Morris Building – science teaching block (BGS, 2014, OPT Award 2015)
  • New quad including an art studio, warden’s accommodation and 60-bed student accommodation (Hodder + Partners, 2015, Manchester Architects Awards Building of the Year 2016, OPT Award 2016)
Pamela Morris Building (BGS)

Pamela Morris Building © BGS Architects


New quad (Hodder)

New quad © Hodder + Partners



Model © Hodder + Partners


Site plan © Hodder + Partners



EF Academy, Pullens Lane, Headington, Oxford OX3 ODT

EF Academy © West Waddy ADP

© West Waddy


EF Academy (West Waddy)

© West Waddy



d’Overbroecks School, Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7PL

Swan School, Marston Ferry Road, Oxford, OX2 7WP

©ADP Architecture

In addition, mention should be made of New College School (multipurpose hall by TSH, 2007, OPT Award 2009); Headington School (theatre by the Falconer Partnership, 2002, OPT Award 2003; and music school by Morse Webb, 2009); and Magdalen College School (sixth form centre by TSH, under development).

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