University College – Boathouse

A large new boathouse for University College and three other colleges on the west bank of the Isis (Thames), incorporating student accommodation (Belsize Architects, 2007)

Built to replace an earlier boathouse on the site destroyed by fire in 1999, this elegant black building stands alone on the right bank of the river, opposite every other college boathouse. A very distinctive take on this building type, with boat sheds, club lounge and viewing decks, it is slightly elevated above the river with a strong brick base and flood protection walls. It includes accommodation for six graduate students.

References: Yuli Toh, “Belsize Architects: University College boathouse, Oxford,” Architecture Today, No.187, April 2008

Awards: RIBA Award, 2008; Oxford Preservation Trust Award, 2008; Civic Trust Award, 2009

Tow Path (access at Folly Bridge)

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