Hill Top House

Private client

Terraced house in concrete (Adrian James, 2011).

adrian-james-hill-top-house-extA terraced house on three floors constructed from prefabricated precast concrete panels is a rare find in Oxford, the more so when it is designed and built to the exceptional quality achieved here. The architect explains that his client “appreciated the uncompromising ascetic quality of the material”, and the large areas of polished concrete uncluttered by services deliver that in abundance. A central core contains all the circulation and service ducts, allowing light to flood the party walls from large front and back windows and a top-lit atrium.

References: Adrian James, ‘Béton Beauty: why we chose a precast concrete prefabricated system for Hill Top House in Oxford’, AJ, 3 May 2012, pp. 43-48.

Awards: Concrete Society Award 2013; RIBA Downland Award 2012; shortlisted for Stephen Lawrence Prize 2012

8 Hill Top Road, Oxford OX4 1PB


Floor plans © Adrian James / AJ

Floor plans © Adrian James and AJ

Section © Adrian James and AJ


Interior © Adrian James Architects

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