Recently completed

Christ Church College – Thatched Barn Visitor Centre, Christ Church Meadow (Purcell, 2020)

Site plan © Purcell Architects

Green Square Group and Oxford City Council – Barns Road, Cowley (Alford Hall Monahan Morris, 2016)

Image © AHMM

Keble College – H B Allen Centre (Acland site) (MICA, 2019)

Image © MICA

Kellogg College – College Hub (Fielden Clegg Bradbury, 2017)

Lucy Developments – Hawthorne House, Hill Top Rd (Paul Southouse, 2017)

Magdalen College School – Richard Record Sixth Form Centre (TSH Architects, 2017)

Mansfield College – Hands Building (MICA, 2017)

New College, Clore Music Studios (John McAslan, 2019)

Reef Estates – 4-5 Queen Street (Wright & Wright, 2017)

4-5 Queen Street

St Catherine’s College – Ainsworth Graduate Centre (Purcell, 2018 – 21)

Image © Purcell

St John’s College – Bainton Road Nursery (Savills, 2017)

St John’s College – Library and Study Centre (Wright & Wright, 2019)

St John's Library

St Peter’s College – Perrodo Building (Design Engine, 2017)

University of Oxford, Begbrooke Science Park – Innovation Accelorator (SRA Architects, 2017)

Image © SRA Architects

University of Oxford – Acer Nethercott Sports Hall and Gallie-Lewis-Dean Gym (2018)

Image © UoA

University of Oxford – Chemistry Teaching Labs (Francis-Jones Morehen Thorpe, 2018)

Image © fjmt

University of Oxford – Neuroscience Research Centre (Wolfson Building) (Frances-Jones Morehen Thorpe, 2019)

Image © fjmt


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